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Robotic Love Machine

Robotic Love Machine

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You can position the piston-like fucking arm over 1 metre above the floor, and also your Robotic Love Machine can reach over 1.2 metres horizontally. The direction of the thrusting, piston-like arm is from a vertical stance to any angle downward that fits your needs!

Accessories: The Robotic Love Machine comes with a flesh penis shaped TPR dildo and a purple silicone anal plug. The special friction-locking system firmly holds all the dildos. Vac-U-Lock dildos may also be used with this machine. The Robotic Love Machine also comes with a double penetrator holder to enable both vaginal and anal penetration at the same time!

- Weight: 12 kg
- Stroke length: 2 to 7 inches (5 to 18 cm)
- Stroke speed: from 40 to 265 strokes per minute

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