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Master Series Cuffed in Fur

Master Series Cuffed in Fur

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These furry, red cuffs are soft and sensual against your loverโ€™s wrists. The strong, metal cuffs inside wonโ€™t cut into their delicate skin. Instead you have the padding of this faux fur, artificial wool! The cuffs are fully adjustable and close as tight as 11.4 cm and open wide to a 17.8 cm circumference. Included with the cuffs are 2 keys so you always have a spare! To clean, simply spot clean the wool with warm water and soap and a washcloth, then let dry.

Bring some excitement into the bedroom with this furry handcuff set! Create a scene where you capture your lovely partner and keep them captive so you can act out all your naughty desires. Handcuffed, you can hear them moan and watch them squirm to get free, but they are all yours; vulnerable and exposed and ready to be ravished!

Measurements: Cuffs adjust from a 11.4 cm to 17.8 cm circumference
Materials: Artificial wool, metal
Colour: Red
Note: Do not lose keys; keep a spare key available at all times to release your partner from the cuffs. All metal is nickel-free.

Key Features:

Soft Faux Fur: The soft, artificial wool lines the cuffs and pads them making them comfortable and giving the captive a sensual delight on their skin!

Quick Release Lever: The lever allows for easy exits when needed, so you can readjust if the cuffs have been tightened too much.

Adjustable: These cuffs are fully adjustable and can close as tight as is possible or open up to a 17.8 cm circumference at the widest.

Two Keys Included: Two keys are included to make sure you always have a spare key!

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